scape1 «skayp», noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb, scaped, scap|ing.
Archaic. escape.
scape2 «skayp», noun.
1. Botany . a leafless flower stalk rising from the ground, such as that of the narcissus, dandelion, or hyacinth.
2. something like a stalk, such as the shaft of a feather or the shaft of a column.
[< Latin scāpus stalk]
scape3 «skayp», noun.
a view of scenery of any kind: »

to sketch a scape in pencil.

[abstracted from landscape]
scape4 «skayp», noun.
U.S. Aerospace. a space suit: »

This period is referred to officially by NASA as the “Scape-phase,” a reference to an acronym used to describe the protective suits (Robert Lindsey).

[< s(elf)-c(ontained) a(tmospheric) p(rotective) e(nsemble)]
'scape «skayp», noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb, 'scaped, 'scap|ing.
Archaic. escape.
[short for escape]
combining form. a scenic picture or view of, as in seascape.
[< (land)scape]

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